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Incorporated in the 1980s, Johnsons confectionery is an Australian, family owned, manufacturing company. Makers of high boiled lollies and lollipops including our national best seller, Eucalyptus drops. Our products are sold through various outlets across Australia including general stores and Pharmacies. We are also producers of various specialised candy specifically formulated and customised to reach unique markets locally and in parts of East Asia.



At Johnsons we take pride in making and providing quality products. Our candy is made with love and hard work, the traditional old fashioned way, cooked in giant copper pots and manually worked, so each batch has a unique touch but with personal consistency.

Our Lollies
The lollies we make at our Kogarah factory, are hard candy (high Boil) and made the old fashioned way, cooked to a high temperature the hot toffee syrup is poured onto steel candy cooling tables where colours and flavours are added by our experienced cooks, the candy syrup is then kneaded and slowly cooled to a thick dough like mass before transferring to other work tables where the cooks add line work or patterns to the giant lolly mass as required. The giant lolly is then allocated to its relevant section before it is transformed into 1000s of lollies or lollipops.



Australian Made - Australian Owned 

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